Since 1990s, de-institutionalization process seriously became the right vehicle of change toward community involvement for individuals with intellectual disability. This process facilitated integration of people with Intellectual Disability into community life. This encouraged people at the national, state and local levels to enter into conversation among themselves. It has now realized that the best outcome of community supports surrounding these individuals with developmental disabilities has been greatly achieved.

CDS (Community Development Services), formerly known as CLS (Community Learning Services), for adults promotes opportunities for individuals to gain vocational/employment goals or make progress towards those in community settings together with non-disabled individuals. CDS is specific, individualized and goal oriented. Individuals learn community social skills, social supports to gain, retain or advance in employment and enable them to become independent by being employed in the community. ACIDD has been involved in CDS to bring about change in the lives of people who were once institutionalized and thus lacked community living and work. The program serves adults with intellectual disabilities who also have co-occurring mental illness leading to their independence, choice, rights and self-worth.

Range of Services

CDS promotes positive growth, activities, special assistance, support and education to help individuals whose age, disability or circumstance currently limits their ability to be employed. It is a program that establishes multiple learning services of self-determination, workshops and classes, peer mentoring, volunteer activities, and activities that promote health and socialization. This program is described under COMAR 10.22.07