ACIDD Maryland provides community support services to people who have the dual diagnoses of Developmental Disabilities and Mental Disorders in the State of Maryland through Group Homes (GH) and Alternative Living Units (ALU). This service is one of the Intellectual Disability Initiatives, a critical component of ACIDD’s mission to promote community-based support services for all individuals with developmental disorders for a healthy, strong and economically self-sufficient group of citizens in the State of Maryland.

With our mission to empower individuals with Intellectual Disability in communities around the State to enable them make positive life choices to maximize their potential towards well-being, better living and working in the community, GH and ALU will be building long-term relationship with individuals, their families, our employees, community, and stakeholders by undertaking responsible behavior in our actions towards each other.

The goals are:

  • Fostering innovative strategies and their applications as the basis for bringing about stable integrated setting , well being with improved status of health, safety, independence, personal choice and individual rights;
  • Developing natural supports, personal assistance, independent living, family support- to ensure independence, self-confidence and enhancement of social skills to maintain a good healthy environment.
  • Introducing community services as a means to gain freedom from institutionalization, and to ensure return to relatively normal life;
  • Exemplifying and promoting highest quality of service to individuals with Intellectual Disability as a mark of disability.
  • GHs and ALUs focus on people with serious developmental disorders including Intellectual Disability.