Programs generate services. Behavioral health programs and Intellectual Disability programs are evaluated to determine the extent to which a specific program has met certain criteria established by ACIDD in Maryland. Based on our experience in working with persons with severe mental illness and individuals who have Intellectual Disability and mental illness, we have grouped important services that revolve around these programs with acceptable standards. We apply best practice standards in providing our program services. Such services are not just limited to the following but are most significant:

Behavioral Health

ACCID in Maryland offers long-term support to people with mental illness through PRP, MHVP , Psychotherapy, and Holistic Psychiatry services..

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Developmental Disability

Developmental Disability services to individuals with co-occurring diagnoses of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders have a major..

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Primary Care

Primary care is our first line of defense. It is the “de facto” mental health system. Let’s face it. For effective behavioral health care, we..

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