Holistic Psychiatry follows strict medication management practices for our individuals that we serve. Medications that are prescribed by the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner are tested against their efficacy by assessing each individual’s medical and physical health history, psychiatric diagnosis, immunization record, current treatment plan, side-effects of medications,, benefit risks, consent of the individual, reason for the choice of a particular medication and response to such medications by the individual. Then, medications are reconciled. Our Nurse Practitioner will not recommend reconciliation of the medications until after she assess the vies and opinions of the individual, their family, care-givers and support staff, and after she directly observes the behavioral health symptoms of the person served.

As part of the service for medication management, our NP reviews the individual’s diagnosis, symptoms or behavior according to DSM 5. What are the various stressors that influence the behaviors, what strategies are there for medication management and treatment and what impact the medication has over the individual are also assessed as part of the reconciliation service.

Finally, we take into consideration safety precautions for medication use. If the individual has been on long-term medication treatment, the program will routinely prepare a side effect profile of the individual and monitor medications for their adverse drug effects.