All individuals have treatment, habilitation or service plan that has person-centered goals, methods and best practices, time frames for monitoring and achieving goals. developing a service plan involves  the individual being served. The Interdisciplinary team for the individual support the treatment plan.

The care plan goals are based on the individual’s assessed needs. Individual, his/her family, advocate or legal guardian participate actively in developing the plan goals. The plan is individualized and specific to the person supported. The plan will also address not only the mental health needs of the individuals but developmental concersn of the person also. The goal plan is based on the strengths, needs and desires of the person being served.

The program includes individualized safety and health plan for the individuals who present a danger to themselves. it also takes into consideration the individual’s age, culture, values, developmental ability, internal and external systems, areas of concerns, complaints, methods of treatment and interventions and changes in goals.