Job Title: Personal Supports Counselor

Status Part Time/Full Time

Location: At the place of individual who is supported.

Position Description

Personal Supports Counselor works with one high functioning individual at a time to provide personal support (PS) service to him/her from his/her home. PS services include community activities, skills development at home and in the community, job skills development etc. for the individual on a flexible schedule between the individual and the staff  for about 30 to 40 hours a week. Should drive own car. Rate of pay will be $13-$14/hour. $25/week reimbursed for gas/mileage.


  • Engages individuals in activities and other support services in the community.
  • Builds trust and confidence in individuals and a collaborative relationship that is directed toward the goal of community integration in community settings.
  • Completes and maintains a career profile for each individual with information from the individual, team members, and with permission, family members or past employers with a goal to assist the individual in his/her vocational goal.
  • Assists individuals in learning how their benefits will be affected by their earned income. If employment is the goal and to be achieved, assists the individual with a individualized plan for reporting earnings to Social Security Administration.
  • Discusses individual’s preference for disclosure of disability status to potential employers, including possible costs and benefits, as well as specific information to be disclosed.
  • Provides assistance with the individual’s job search through resume-building, interview skills, and soft skills development.
  • Helps individuals with volunteer work, career development, including finding jobs that are more desirable, and helping with education and training programs that are available to the general public.
  • Conducts community contacts each week to learn about community groups and their needs, to talk about specific individuals who are looking for volunteer work, and/or to talk about community services offered, as well as maintains a database of community contacts and job openings to connect individuals to.
  • Provides individualized follow-along supports to assist individuals in maintaining skills development.
  • Provides education and support to individuals as agreed upon by program team members, which may include skills development and follow-along contact with the potential employer/educator.
  • Completes contact notes for each interaction with an individual, as well as quarterly progress notes and reports as per the individual’s IP.
  • Collaborates with individual’s support team and administrative support staff to coordinate services.
  • Assists the program coordinator with updating the individual’s Individual Plan, collect data towards Behavior Plan, monitor goals when there is a request to support the individuals.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Must have a valid, Maryland Drivers license and be willing to use own vehicle.
  • Qualifications:High School Diploma. Education and experience equivalent to undergraduate degree in any of the social science field preferred. Experience working with people with developmental disabilities who also have co-occurring mental illness. State mandated trainings and background check should be completed prior to employment. Organization and the ability to work as an effective team member are essential. Job location will be within 10 miles radius of employee’s place of residence.