Regular/Part time : 20 Hours a week
Locations: Laurel-PG County and Columbia-Howard County

Position Summary:

ACIDD Maryland is seeking two Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists to work part-time (20 hours each) in its Laurel office in PG County and in Columbia office in Howard County. The PRP Specialist will be responsible for overseeing the rehabilitation services of clients by initiating services with each client referred for PRP/MHVP services; obtaining authorizations for their services; conducting initial intake assessments; collaborating with each client’s treatment team periodically; and creating their Individualized Rehabilitation Plans and Individualized Vocational Plans.

Primary Job duties:

1) Authorizations- The Rehabilitation Specialist will submit client referral forms for initial authorizations to Value Options, and concurrent authorizations every six months for continuing clients in the programs. The Rehabilitation Specialist, under the supervision of the Program Director-Mental health, will resolve issues related to authorizations, if they arise.

2) Intake Assessments- The Rehabilitation Specialist will conduct initial intake assessments with new clients referred to PRP and/or MHVP services in our service areas. The Rehabilitation Specialist will also review consent forms with new clients and file their documentation appropriately in the clients’ electronic and physical files.

3) Collaboration- The Rehabilitation Specialist will collaborate with each client’s treatment team; to include, as applicable, his/her PRP Direct Support Counselors, therapist, psychiatrist, service coordinator, and family members. The Rehabilitation Specialist will utilize the information gathered from the team to obtain concurrent authorizations from VO, as well as use data in the development of the client’s Rehabilitation and/or Vocational plan(s).

4) Individual Rehabilitation Plans (IRP)/Individual Vocational Plans (IVP)- The Rehabilitation Specialist will utilize the information gathered from the client’s intake, treatment team collaborations, and any other supporting documentation to create initial IRPs or IVPs that are in compliance with COMAR. The Rehabilitation Specialist will also review IRPs or IVPs periodically but at least once in six months to be in compliance with COMAR using documentation from the previous period of review, treatment team collaborations, and any other supporting documentation and face to face meeting with the consumers.

5) Education- The Rehabilitation Specialist shall educate all PRP Counselors and Employment Specialists as to how to provide rehabilitation and employment services to clients by identifying the rehabilitation/vocational goals and measuring the outcome of the goals periodically to be in compliance with clients’ IRP or IVP.


1. Strong Desire to work with clients who have severe mental health conditions.
2.Knowledge of health information related to adult health and mental health, including co-occurring mental health and intellectual disability conditions of individuals.
3. Work as a team member with co-workers and agency staff.
4. Cultural sensitivity and understanding of clients and Individuals with co-occurring Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders.
5. Good clinical understanding of mental health and diagnosis in the DSM V.
6. Commitment to maintain networking relationship with community service providers.
7. Have a valid Maryland Driver’s License, auto insurance, and accept travel assignments on the job as directed by the program.
8. Current Licensure in Maryland as a licensed mental health professional.

Education & Experience:

1. Licensed in the State of Maryland as LGSW or LGPC; OR a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner certified by US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. An LCPC or LCSW-C is highly preferred and will be eligible to negotiate higher rate of pay.
2. Masters Degree in any Social Sciences disciplines.

Benefits: Rate of pay- $25 per hour; Flexible hours;  Clinical supervision by a Licensed Supervisor will be available from August-September 2018 when ACIDD opens its Outpatient Mental Health Center. An LGSW or an LGPC will be given opportunity to involve in therapy/counseling at the OMHC  starting August-September 2018 under the supervision of a Clinical Supervisor to gain clinical experience and required supervisory hours to qualify for LCSW or LCPC.

The office of ACIDD Maryland in Howard County is located at 5999 Harpers Farm Road, E-250, Columbia, Maryland 21044. The office at Laurel is located at 300 Thomas Drive, Laurel, MD 20707.

If you are interested in the position, please contact our corporate office (301-377-0750) or email:  or click below: