Our staff acquire appropriate skills to address the unique challenges of our individuals with a dual diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness. Training is generally extended to social, behavioral areas as well as the individual’s disabilities and challenges in life. Besides a one time extended training to the staff, they also receive ongoing training which becomes very critical to the care of our individuals.

Training to staff will be documented extensively to cover different areas of knowledge of the individual’s disabilities, diagnoses, strengths and needs of the individual and socio-psycho stressors of the individual. One of the areas that will be covered in the training will be the developmental and psychiatric concerns regarding the individual. The other important area of training will be the dual diagnosis of individuals with developmental disability and mental illness. Training sessions will be open to all staff, and their feedback will be received upon training to improve the quality of training curriculum. The training of staff is an important component of the agency’s Quality Assurance plan.