Our community-based vocational day program gives individuals who have a dual diagnosis of Intellectual or developmental disability and mental illness the opportunity to be part of the community through employment, volunteering, attending college classes, and taking part in recreational activities. We use a range of supports to help each person grow, achieve goals and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Many of the individuals in our community-based day program strive to find and maintain meaningful employment and earn money. We’re with them at every step of the way, offering a range of support services to help them succeed at work. We also provide support to employers to ensure that we create successful employment experiences for both the individual and the employer.

We also encourage our program participants to volunteer with community organizations that can assist them in learning new skills and may lead to employment opportunities. Accompanied by our staff to volunteer activities, individuals benefit associating with organizations such as Meals on Wheels, thrift stores, food banks, churches etc.

Additionally, our vocational day offers opportunities to take part in engaging our participants in recreational activities and community outings involving Bowling, Golf, Movies, Amusement parks, Museums, Farmers markets etc., most of which are part of the CLS program in place of the day habilitation service.

Our experienced staff establishes positive relationships with every individual we support. We get to know the individuals’ unique needs and interests in order to help them identify community activities or employment opportunities that they will enjoy. Through a comprehensive referral process, we work with our Resource Coordinators to ensure that individuals are matched with a community-based day program that suits their wants and needs.

Contact our Laurel office for more information on our vocational day program. Call us at 301-377-0750 x 232 or Email: info@aciddmaryland.com.
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