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ACIDD Maryland

ACIDD is a social enterprise with a social mission. ACIDD in Maryland provides mental health services and Intellectual Disability services to persons with severe mental illness and those who have developmental disability with co-occurring mental illness. ACIDD takes an integrated care approach to supporting these individuals in the community.

As a mental health provider, ACIDD in Maryland provides mental health services to individuals with severe mental illness. Our services include Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), Employment (SE), psychotherapy, and most recently – an Integrated Health Services system by April 2021 due to the long term effects of COVID-19 at 300 Thomas Drive, in  Laurel Maryland.

As a Developmental Disability provider (DDA approved and OHCQ Licensed), ACIDD in Maryland provides various services to individuals with Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Disorders through different programs.

These programs include Community Residential Services, Community Development Services, and Day Habilitation Services which are also known as Meaningful Day services, Supported Employment which will soon become Career Exploration, Personal Supports, and most recently several DDA approved programs as part of DDA transformation Plan. All our programs are  CARF International accredited.

Our MISSION is “To embrace, empower and help promote mental health and well being of people with severe mental illness and independence to individuals who have a dual diagnosis of Intellectual or Developmental Disability and Mental Disorders”.

Our VISION, to which we make every effort to honor, is “to provide mental health services and supports to individuals with mild to moderate Intellectual Disability who have co-occurring Mental Illness in order for them to live a healthy life and wellness, to be free of stigma, gain employment and sustain it, and to live independently and freely with determination, dreams and aspirations”. We endeavor to embrace all people with mental illness and intellectual disability and empower them “one person at a time, one country at a time”.

ACIDD Maryland operates two offices in Prince Georges County Maryland. The administrative office is located at 300 Thomas Drive in Laurel, Maryland. This is also considered to be the center of our new Integrated Health Services. We also operate our Resource Center located at 14203 Park Center Dr, Ste 307/308 in Laurel, just opposite Laurel Regional Hospital. At the Thomas drive location, we provide various mental health services including PRP, Psychotherapy, and psychiatric services as part of the Integrated Health Services ( IHS opening in April 2021). At the Park center location, we provide employment services to individuals with ID and mental health issues besides Meaningful day services. Community-based meaningful day services are offered to people with severe mental illness mainly in PG County, Montgomery County, and in nearby counties, However, we provide only virtual services since March 2020 due to COVID-19. To know more about our programs, please visit us on Programs and Services on this site.

ACIDD Maryland takes an integrated care approach that is positive and cost-saving to all Marylanders. Our experience in the past has resulted in opening our new Integrated Heath services Center in April 2021. It also enables us with a neo-approach of clinical treatment to individuals with the other dually diagnosed individual with a developmental disability and mental illness. Achieving high-quality individualized treatment of all people that are affected by persistent mental disorders has the potential outcome of social inclusion, independence, protection of rights, equality, and self-worth.

Our core principle is universal well-being.

We envision our future that is based on the above guiding principle. We strive to establish personal healthy status of all our individuals in Maryland within a framework of balanced socio-economic and cultural environment. Through our parent organization, ACIDD, we also recognize the strengths and needs of millions of people with disabilities in the world. We draw ongoing inspiration from our parent organization.

Our commitment to people and our passion to work with them allows us to be free for innovative ways of change. We are determined to do so. We are an equal opportunity provider that lends its hands to all individuals of different status, age, color, and disabilities.

Call our Laurel office Monday through Friday at 301-377-0750, if you like to join any of our programs in PG, AA, or Montgomery Counties. Call us 24/7 at 1-844-ACIDD-US. We will be glad to schedule a virtual tour of our programs and services when you are ready to hear us at your convenience. If you have a question, Contact Us Today on line.