If you work in the mental health field or with individuals who have dual diagnoses of in Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness, then you would know who to work for. If you agree with our mission, philosophy and passion to support people with mental illness, especially those with co-occurring Intellectual disability and Mental Disorders, then you have found an employer in ACIDD. Just as we check on you as our potential employee or independent contractor, you are more than welcome to check on our leadership, history and credentials. You must agree with our philosphy, if you plan to come on board. We have certain principles and core values that we will not compromise with anyone.

Employment @ ACIDD Maryland is an ongoing process! As a brand new company with limited resources and with a humble beginning, ACIDD has many challenges ahead, especially in addressing the growing issues of “the other dually diagnosed” individuals in Maryland. Though we may not have plenty of resources similar to other companies that are in competition with us, we do have opportunities for you to grow, if you commit yourself with our mission and become passionate about your work. Please send us your résumé so that we may evaluate your credentials. There are a few job openings that are being posted. However, we will have more vacancies in the future. We look forward to know you better.

To apply for an Open Position, please visit Job Opening or simply use the form below: We will contact you to schedule an interview.