A Success Story (09/24/2020)

Here at ACIDD we are very proud to share that one of our residents has accomplished one of her primary goals! Several of our clients had their annual person-centered plan (PCP) meetings this past month, and Monica clearly achieved her goal. Last year, she, along with her family and the ACIDD staff, agreed that knowing how to cook her own meals will help her become more independent. She set a goal to learn how to cook five meals of her choice, and now she can cook a whole host of meals, from shrimp and tots to spaghetti to grilled cheese to tacos, and a lot more.

These days, Monica’s confidence in the kitchen is downright impressive. On Thursday, September 24th, she made fried plantains, with no direction whatsoever. She carefully peels the plantain, then chops it, heats the oil up in a pan and delicately places them in the pan with a spatula. Then, while her food cooks, she starts clean-up right away. A more responsible use of the kitchen could not possibly be even imagined!

Monica also a has a long term goal of getting a job and making money. Her volunteer work with Meals on Wheels and time with ACIDD’s Community Development Services program has temporarily come to a halt due to Covid-19. She still keeps herself busy with cooking and cleaning around the house. While she pushes forward with new personal goals, we here at ACIDD have no doubt that when the pandemic passes, she’ll be ready, and many employers will count themselves lucky to have her.

A Walk a Day

Dwight is a resident of one of our group homes. His doctor has prescribed him exercise, so our direct support professionals encourage him to take walks twice a day. Often times his roommates jump at the opportunity to join him. They always walk to the location of another one of our group homes, where they can socialize with the staff and residents there for a bit. It’s about a mile and a half round trip.

On the day I joined them, Dwight told me he’d like to get a job — maybe working for Aldi, he said. If he keeps up this kind of discipline, they’d be lucky to have him!

Basketball for the Covid Blues (09/15)
Just because Covid-19 has us protecting ourselves and others doesn’t mean we just become lazy or complacent. We can’t just sit around and wait for the pandemic to come to an end. At ACIDD we promote active, healthy lifestyles. Here are some pictures from a basketball game held in the driveway earlier today. Covid-safe, social, and physically energizing. Just what the doctor ordered.

Fresh Sweetness

Joining us in July, George is the newest addition to the ACIDD family. Although Covid-19 has limited what we can provide safely, we still give all of our clients daily care and attention, even if they are living from home still. George intends to work on his social and communication skills and learn Karate. People around him say they love his smile and positive attitude. Recently, he sent this letter through the mail to a member of our administrative staff. George’s gratitude is absolutely inspiring. We are always humbled and honored to receive such validating words.

Sunshine Medicine (09/04)

Today, some of the guys at one of our residences enjoyed a refreshing walk to the nearby park. Durrell never misses a chance to smile for the camera, and Milan just loves to get outside and do something. Before the pandemic, he enjoyed skating, bowling, billiards, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and camping, to name but a few of his interests. Since Covid-19 has everyone avoiding public gatherings, it’s a lucky day when the sun is shining and no one is at the park.

Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency has led to health problems like depression and fatigue and many others. Direct contact with sunlight is one of our main sources of Vitamin D, so it’s important to remember to get outside!

When we left, we saw a bunch of freshly-sprouted mushrooms. The recent rains have really been making them grow!