Health of an individual has an impact on the individual’s quality of life and ability to participate in the treatment plan of the individual. Our individuals experience complex medical and mental health conditions and they, therefore, will receive preventive, routine, and emergent healthcare as per acceptable recommendations. We closely observe the health of the person being served.

It is our policy that we exercise a bio-psycho-social approach to healthcare provision and treatment in our initial assessment and ongoing treatment of the individual. A pro-active approach to health screening and preventative health measures is the significant part of this approach. The interdisciplinary team that supports our individuals works from a bio-psycho-social perspective.

Under basic healthcare, we identify syndromes and associated health conditions of the individual. Their family’s medical history is reviewed. Primary care and specialty care providers of the individual are consulted. We determine the relevancy of their current medical diagnosis and treatments. Our staff promotes in individuals healthy behaviors such as smoking cessation, caffeine intake temperance, healthy nutritional intake, and physical exercise Sexuality education, psychological counseling, healthy lifestyle education, etc., are all part of the appropriate supports we offer as part of this service.