Preventing destructive behaviors of the individual, and how we respond to the crisis situation for an individual, is one of the crucial services we offer. In a crisis situation, the individual exhibits poor insight, judgment, coping skills, and difficulty in de-escalating a situation. Therefore, we would have developed crisis policies and a Crisis Plan to address the needs of the individual to make the individual safe through such policy and plan. If there is a need for environmental adaptation, or augmentative communication etc., we would have implemented that system in our plan. Proper accommodations that include staffing, visual, auditory and tactile to assist the individual in crisis also would have been made in our Plan.

Our program prioritizes our individuals’ medical and mental health needs. We receive input from family, support staff regarding the behaviors or medical concerns at the time of a crisis. The Plan will measure the severity levels of challenging behaviors of the individual to ensure health, welfare and safety of the individual. A crisis team will be formed to address the issues in crisis. The team receives input from professionals associated with the care of the individual in crisis. There will be risk assessment, recommendations for alternative interventions, discharge planning etc. in the crisis plan.