Sensitivity to cultural values of the individual becomes crucial in eliminating biases, developing respect and understanding various norms and values of the individual by the agency that supports the individual. Cultural competence recognizes strengths of the person served, family of the person, person’s gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnic background etc. in order to protect the dignity of the individual. Staff are oriented to understand this sensitivity of cultural values of the individual at the time when staff will be oriented to work with the individual. Individual’s treatment plan will be developed surrounding these values of the individual after proper assessment of the values. Accommodations are being made to environment, dietary meals, viewing of television shows, goal plans, staff training, interventions and supports.

Further, we routinely screen books, movies, other media resources for negative cultural, ethnic or racial stereotypes before sharing them with persons being served. Besides, pictures, posters and material that reflect the individual’s faith, culture and ethnic background will be given adequate consideration. Language deficiency will be addressed with multilingual or bilingual staff or trained interpreters to facilitate communication that leads to individual’s assessment, treatment sessions, meetings or family feed back.