ACIDD Maryland is a social enterprise. It is the trade name for American Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Maryland, Inc.

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They use the methods and disciplines of business, and the power of market place to advance their social and human justice agenda.

A social enterprise directly addresses an intractable social need. It serves the common good by providing services to people with disadvantages. Its commercial activity is a strong revenue driver. The common good is its primary purpose. It also encompasses for-profits whose driving purpose is social. Mission is primary and fundamental. Social enterprise is more efficient than government; there is more sustainability and creativity than the non-profit; and they are more generous than businesses.

ACIDD Maryland provides integrated behavioral health care that includes mental health services, primary care services and Intellectual disability services to a defined population. The defined population that we support include not only people with severe mental illness but also individuals with Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Illness. Our primary focus is on integrated care to people with “the other dual diagnosis” of Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD) and Mental Disorders.

ACIDD Maryland is currently licensed to implement various behavioral health programs- Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), Mental Health Vocational Program (MHVP), community Residential program for people with Intellectual Disability and co-occurring Mental Illness (the other dually diagnosed), Supported Employment program for people with dual diagnoses of Intellectual Disability and Mental Illness, and psychotherapy and counseling to address mental health and substance use issues. Our integrated behavioral health care collaborates with primary care physicians, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Somatic Nurse Practitioners, providers of alternative medicine that include acupuncture, yoga, massage therapists and ayurvedic medicine, skilled nursing practitioners, financial planners, and home health providers. In order to know more about these programs, please visit the Programs & Services section of this web site.

All programs of ACIDD Maryland are currently accredited by CARF, an international accreditation agency. ACIDD Maryland programs include Menatl Health services under Behavioral Health-OMHC, PRP, MHVP or Evidence-based Employment and Community Housing, Personal Supports, Supported Employment, Community Learning Services under DDA. OMHC has preliminary accreditation and all other programs and services have 3 years of accreditation of CARF international.

If you have a dual diagnosis of Developmental or Intellectual disability and a co-occurring Mental Illness, you are eligible to apply for residential or/and supported employment program services under DDA. The Developmental Disability Administration (DDA) should also determine if you will be eligible for these services prior to your application to one of the DDA approved services of ACIDD Maryland. Your Resource Coordinator, family member, or you can contact our office in Laurel (301-377-0750) or in Columbia (443-319-5010) and ask for assistance from an Intake Coordinator. The process starts right there.

If you think that the PRP services as part of a preventive measure under our integrated behavioral health care that would benefit you in consultation with your mental health therapist or psychiatrist, your mental health professional can contact ACIDD Maryland by calling us or completing a Referral form for Columbia service site or a PRP_MHVP Referral for Laurel Service Site on line. The Referral Forms can also be located at the How to Join section of PRP or MHVP on this site. When you contact us, we will also explain to you the criteria that qualify you for either PRP or MHVP or both.

If you have Medicaid or Medical Assistance, it pays for your PRP and/or MHVP services. ACIDD Maryland does not accept other Insurances including Medicare at this time for PRP services. Please contact our office 443-319-5010 or 301-377-0750 for details on private pay for those who like to pay for these services out of pocket.

ACIDD Outpatient Mental Health Center is likely to open for business by August-September, 2018 at 300 Thomas Drive, in Laurel. It would provide psychiatric assessments, medications monitoring, psychotherapy and on-site PRP service to adults only.

Yes, ACIDD Maryland will provide transportation to our on site PRP program at our Laurel site, if you choose to enroll in our on site PRP. You do not have to choose the on site PRP, however. If you prefer off-site PRP services either at your place of residence or another location of your choice, our PRP Counselors will come to your home or the place of your choice to provide the service. When you sign up for our off-site program, you visit our on site facility at Laurel or in Columbia at least once a month to discuss your rehabilitation plan and for group social activities and you will be provided with transportation.

You can visit our Programs and Services section of this website to know more about specific services for each program.

Absolutely Yes, we do accept individuals with co-occurring Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Mental Illness. They should be referred to PRP services by a mental health professional such as a Psychiatrist, psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or mental health therapist but not by the individual’s primary care physician. Individuals with developmental disability are not eligible to be referred to our Mental Health Vocational program. There is a separate Vocational/Supported employment program available to individuals with Intellectual Disability under the DD program. If you do not currently work with a mental health professional, ACIDD Maryland can provide you with psychotherapy through our Counseling Program. Your primary care Physician can recommend the individual to a mental health professional for mental health services first and the mental health professional will then recommend you for PRP service. The mental health professional should provide adequate documentation to verify acceptable eligibility criteria as part of the referral process.

No, we do not administer medications in PRP. But we do in our Intellectual Disability Programs. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner conducts medication management and medication reconciliation of your psychotropic medications just like a Psychiatrist does with psychotropic medications. If you have prescription medications that you need to take at the time of PRP service, you should take your medications on your own as prescribed by your doctor. However, we will help you to manage your mental health with assistance in attendance to medical appointments, reminders, and setting up transportation.

Besides Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) service and Mental Health Vocational Program (MHVP) services to people with severe mental illness, ACIDD Maryland currently provides other behavioral health care services such as holistic psychiatric services, primary care services, psychotherapy, training, etc. It will provide outpatient Mental health treatment to adults in August-September 2018. ACIDD Maryland also provides community residential services in three person ALUs or four person Group Homes, Vocational day services and Supported Employment services to individuals with a dual diagnosis of Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Illness. To verify DDA approved services for ACIDD Maryland, please visit DDA website . ACIDD for Counseling offers psychotherapy to adults, children, people with developmental disabilities, families and couples in Prince Georges County service site that is located at 300 Thomas Drive, Laurel, Maryland 20707. Please visit to find out details about therapy service.

ACIDD and ACIDD Maryland are social enterprises that produce higher social returns on investment than other models with a social mission. ACIDD is our brand name. Our parent company and subsidiaries have used our brand name under the social enterprise umbrella for identification. ACIDD, a 501(c)3 corporation in the US has a broad vision of advocacy and mental health services to all people in the US, especially people with co-occurring Intellectual or Developmental Disability and Mental Disorders. ACIDD Maryland is the business that has a social mission to a recovery-based, rehabilitative treatment of people with severe and persistent mental illness in the State of Maryland through state licensed programs of PRP, MHVP for people with severe mental illness, community residential and supported employment programs for people with developmental disabilities. ACIDD Maryland confines its services in the state of Maryland.

Write to us at ACIDD Maryland, 5999 Harpers Farm Road, E-250, Columbia, Maryland 21044. Phone: 443-319-5010. Or to our corporate and programs office, ACIDD, 300 Thomas Drive, Laurel, Maryland 20707. Phone: 301-377-0750. You can also send us a message online.