ACIDD Maryland leads a variety of programs that tailor-fits a comprehensive plan of care for people with severe and persistent Mental Illness and for individuals with a dual diagnosis of Intellectual or Developmental Disability and Mental Illness. Our programs model provides an integrated behavioral health approach, bio-psycho-social treatments, interventions, prevention and support services that are outcome-driven. The programs assure a quality product and delivery of quality services. Goals are clearly defined. They are measurable and quantitative where possible.

Our Services include community support services, behavioral health care, health care coordination, primary nursing care, crisis intervention, recreational, leisure and spiritual activities, retirement activities, vocational services, supported employment, rehabilitation services, self-care skills, and family involvement. They are based on the preferences, choices and lifestyle of our individuals who are in need of such services in the community. We serve those who have serious mental health conditions, and those that have developmental disability with co-occurring mental illness (Generally called- the ‘other dually diagnosed’ individuals). We have counseling services through our Counseling Center. We have ongoing training which is an integral part of treatment protocol and advocacy. We provide information on rights, referral and complaint resolution services to persons and families being served, leadership training and volunteer programs through our parent organization ACIDD.

Our participants have access to the integrated behavioral health care. It is integrated, systematic, and person-centered. It encompasses overall health of body, mind and spirit.

Our trained professionals in the fields of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability are passionate caregivers. They are available to fully educate the participants, family members and other stakeholders.

Our programs are Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability. Our services are many, and our approach is Integrated Behavioral Health.

For Counseling services, call ACIDD for Counseling Center located at 300 Thomas drive in Laurel, Maryland today at 301-377-0750 or visit us at or email or complete the Contact Us information.