Strategic Position and Risk Analysis

ACIDD MARYLAND’s mission is to produce massive social value via the operation of a social enterprise. It is the premier service provider of mental health services to people with co-occurring IDD and MI in Maryland. PRP services to individuals with co-occurring Intellectual/developmental disability and Mental disorders will take them to a mental health recovery journey. Both PRP and Evidence-Based Practice Supported Employment to people with severe and persistent mental illness in the state of Maryland will take them to their recovery journey.

ACIDD Maryland is currently recognized as the the only unique business provider of services to people with the other dual diagnosis with a strategic change in view and service. To achieve our goal, we have developed a strategic position that emphasizes:

  • Highly effective social enterprise service design utilizing experienced leadership and quality performance
  • In-person involvement of upper management and addressing directly an intractable social need and serves the common good.
  • Response to empowerment of individuals emphasizing individuals’ rights and choice

ACIDD MARYLAND’s Strategic Position is based on evaluating the following factors:

  • Industry trends
  • Target market
  • Competitive environment
  • Our strengths
  • Risks

Industry trends

The services to individuals with co-occurring IDD and Mental Disorders are currently lacking in most states including Maryland without a long-term managed care. Efficient, integrative and quality laden providers of services with creative ways of doing services to people with mental disorders and to people who have the ‘other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders are absolutely needed. Quality programs with efficient leadership should grow in popularity among individuals and families. International accreditations and fidelity review of standards should also be a critical requirement for doing good business in Maryland.

Target market

Our target is integrative services to individuals with Serious Mental Illness. The market for services to people with co-occurring IDD and Mental Disorders is strong. There is specific need for providers who would provide cost effective, creative, long-term managed care quality services to individuals with the ‘other dual diagnosis’ for their empowerment, choice and independence.

Competitive environment

There are no providers who have integrated EBP services for people with Mental Disorders in the various Regions of Maryland. There are hardly any providers for PRP services to individuals with the ‘other dual diagnosis’ of Intellectual/Developmental Disability and Mental Disorders in Maryland. And there are none that has adopted the IPS Supported Employment for the ‘other dually diagnosed’ with IDD and Mental Disorders.

There is a need for integrating traditional ways of Vocational Services and Psychiatric Rehabilitation services (PRP) with IPS Supported employment in Maryland on the basis of a growing trend in EBP services to people with mental disorders. This affords us the opportunity to build substantial relationship with our target market- individuals and families- before another effective competitor enters the area. However, there are specific programs, well funded for Intellectual Disability besides programs funded for Mental Health.

Our strengths

We excel in leadership and experience. One of our strengths is our ability to quickly respond and effectively develop programs for individuals and families meeting their specific needs. Our ability to understand the structure as well as the procedure is another major strength. We understand very well ‘the other dually’ diagnosed individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disability and Mental Disorders.


One major potential threat is the growth of providers vertically and not horizontally and bringing in confusion among individuals that require services regarding choice of provider. A few providers are already in existence. However, without consideration to quality, efficiency, and creativity leading to stability to oncoming providers, the competitors’ market simply becomes strenuous for individuals and families. A continuing risk is always the health of the economy; economic downturns lead to a reduction in funding streams for the programs.

Strategic position

Evaluating those factors has also led us to conclude that our major threat comes from smaller agencies without quality, efficiency, and creativity. However, we are confident that there will be a continuing need for efficient, quality, and creativity based programs for families and individuals who are at the receiving end. A significant percentage of individuals and families require or prefer an agency that answers their questions on quality service and maintenance of programs. Individuals’ needs are to be met and they need to be empowered through these programs. We believe that our target market will be willing to witness quality services based on leadership with quality and experience in the field.

Devising our programs based on our experience and leadership will increase productivity in the business and will continue to offer quality survives to individuals that are in need of these services. Productivity programs are less vulnerable to economic downturns.

To achieve this strategic position, we place particular emphasis on the skills, experience and personalities of our leadership. We recognize that the quality of our program and its effectiveness must be substantially superior to that of existing programs by other service providers. We must also retain effective staff capable of delivering the services customizing our programs.