For our purposes, holistic refers to an alternative approach to health issues that considers all aspects of the human being — physical, mental and spiritual. Holistic services use treatments that are more integrative in nature. As an alternative to Conventional Psychiatry, the goal of Holistic Psychiatry is to help people restore full physical and emotional health by re-establishing their internal equilibrium and balance with the environment — leading to productivity, a sense of well-being, and happiness. It aims to address the source of imbalance that led to a psychiatric condition, thus eliminating symptoms of the disease. The holistic approach supports the balancing of mind and body through lifestyle and nutrition.

Diagnostic methods that are used in this approach include conventional testing, integrative laboratory work, energetic testing and intuitive understanding. Treatment methods are individualized, not based on the disease or symptoms present.

The principle of holistic psychiatry rests on medication management and on collaborative approach of the professionals by which individuals that are recommended for treatment are encouraged to participate in alternative services. Some of such services include holistic nutrition, visualization techniques, individualized holistic services, psychiatric assessments and diagnostics, medication management, screenings, psychiatry, therapy, laboratory exams, career coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psycho education and customized care.